Meditation in honor of our mother and life!

8 . May . 2020

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and go to that intimate space with yourself. Feel your body, breathe and register the connection with your heart in your breath.

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Meditation for the Planet

29 . April . 2020

Harmonize: connecting with the magma of the Earth, connecting with the vibrations of the sky. Feeling the heart expand with each breath and bringing and connecting in the heart the 2 forces that belong to us as electromagnetic beings, beings of light.

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Meditation to increase your vibration and improve the Immune System

13 . April . 2020

Put yourself in a meditation posture. You can sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor, your spine more relaxed, your chin slightly forward, more aligned and vertical.

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Father’s Day! How to celebrate different?

6 . August . 2019

Soon we will be celebrating Father's Day. What does this date mean to us? Some no longer have their father, either because he passed away, or for whatever reason biography.

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Scientists point out: the heart thinks and radiates!

4 . February . 2019

The heart is the first organ formed in the womb. Recently, neurophysiologists have discovered that the heart is an organ of intelligence, half of the heart is composed of neurons of the same nature as those that make up the brain system.

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The Challenged Curator

12 . December . 2018

Bert Hellinger, the creator and father of the Family Constellations, presents us in the development of his vast Work with what he calls: the Orders of Help.

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Elections 2018 – Systemic Exercise that can collaborate!

4 . October . 2018

Friends of Brazil! You are part of a polling station in Brazil, which, because you are of Argentine nationality, do not belong. Although I feel like a Brazilian citizen, I am not naturalized to exercise my vote. I am collaborating here describing a way to help you choose.

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Couple Therapy: What creates separateness in a relationship?

15 . August . 2018

The damage caused by the participants' unconscious expectations and demands at a more exact level of understanding: the re-creation of negative unconscious patterns that lead to separateness and are repeated in the relationship.

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Interrupted Movements of the Flow of Love between Parents and Children

13 . August . 2018

The concept of "interrupted movement" is used to describe the most recurrent question that is presented to us in the Constellations: the interruption of the flow of Love between parents and children.

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RELATIONSHIP, the great laboratory of our Self in LIFE!

19 . July . 2018

Relationships are life itself which contributed to the development of it. What is life? Life is the relationship that our being has with everything. The attitude of relating to me determines my life.

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Mother’s Day

13 . May . 2018

Motherhood is the greatest sacred act of life. It is considered that the sacred here is what responds to the universal laws. To give birth to a life, is to literally bring the "mater", matter, a soul.

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Returning to the Constellations … The Life Force!

9 . May . 2018

Why is this work so precious? Bert Hellinger makes us see in this work the laws that govern human (family and organizational) systems: Pertinence, Hierarchy and Equilibrium.

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Consequences of Incest and Sexual Abuse of Children

19 . April . 2018

Child abuse presents a systemic imbalance in the law of the hierarchy and the law of equilibrium (adult gives / child receives) according to Bert Hellinger.

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The “Primitive consciousness”

10 . April . 2018

"Primitive consciousness" is dual: perpetuator-victim; guilty-innocent; bad conscience x good conscience. And so, our world of wars is perpetuated with the revenge of the victims who thus become perpetuators.

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Atonement and Guilt

4 . April . 2018

Some damage done; such as murder, abortion or homicide for lack of care, sexual abuse; which bring the burden of guilt to the level of dual consciousness (guilty-innocent-aggressor-victim), needs to be repaired.

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Women’s Day: a systemic look!

8 . March . 2018

Every time I celebrate the day of the woman, I celebrate in me and my sisters women the feminine principle that we carry in our body.

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The Incovernability of Brazil

21 . February . 2018

Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger during the International Seminar on Family Constellations, which took place in Brasilia in 2016, spoke about the ungovernability of Brazil from the systemic point of view.

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Why do we seek Constellation?

20 . February . 2018

We seek to Constellate to resolve issues in our lives that resist change through conventional clinical treatments, such as: psychological therapies, psychoanalysis, and all methods that focus on the singular individual.

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Advantage of participating in the Family Constellation Group Workshop

15 . February . 2018

Systemic therapy, which takes place within the group framework, has some advantages over individual therapy. Know the advantages for who Constela and who represents.

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Destination Links

7 . December . 2017

Recently, at one of my meetings in the field of work, he brought to life situations with the risk of death, diseases such as cancer and depression, and their systemic implication. It was observed what Bert Hellinger calls ties of destiny in the family field.

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Abundance and Money!

7 . December . 2017

Monetary energy, money, resonates with life. We can see this phenomenon clearly in the Constellations. Being in resonance means that two energies of the same frequency are attuned to each other.

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Superficial movement does not allow the soul to move!

7 . December . 2017

Commonly in our society so dedicated in doing, in manifest acts, in being proactive, we confuse the movement of Life with the superficial movements of our illusive Ego.

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