Advantage of participating in the Family Constellation Group Workshop

Systemic therapy, which takes place within the group framework, has some advantages over individual therapy.

For the person who Constellate: In the group setting, the person Constellate is an observer of the field in which it is inserted, and will look with a certain distance at the most delicate and difficult issues. This position allows you to feel, observe, accept, reject, process, and thrill. It is a safer place, of a certain distance, that will move its psychic field, even being in the position of spectator, softening some defenses. Exiting the focus makes you relax and allows you to take a closer look at the static movements of the field in which your entanglement is and the possible dynamic movements from which the solution can be generated.

To whom it represents: The Representative is the one who will tune in to resonance with the members of the system. Without knowing your history, without knowing biographical details, data, will experience with your body perceptions and sensations. This is the first big gain for those who represent: using and becoming aware that your body is an instrument of resonance, capable of capturing messages that do not pass through the mind. This experience, by itself, already brings an opening and expansion of consciousness and a new center. The person starts to have a greater connection with the areas of his perception and intuition. A great benefit to your personality, tied to the mental field. Another great gain is the fact that it is chosen, also by resonance, to represent. Then he himself will work on contents of the personality he represents or the family field which may be equivalent to his own contents or family field. This is a great profit for your service as a rep. I used to say that it has some representations that are equivalent to constellations.

The greatest benefit in group work is to be able to experience the level of depth and deep relationships that quickly materializes, overcoming defenses with lightness and creating a union and harmony with people who have never seen each other, connected or known before. It is a work that provides a new and definitive soul centering, and a new knowledge of our ability to relate to ourselves and others.


Graciela Rozenthal