Elections 2018 – Systemic Exercise that can collaborate!

Friends of Brazil!

You are part of a polling station in Brazil, which, because you are of Argentine nationality, do not belong. Although I feel like a Brazilian citizen, I am not naturalized to exercise my vote. I am collaborating here describing a way to help you choose.

I know that it is difficult to get out of the morphogenetic field of political polarization we are in.

But, try, breathe and feel what is best for Brazilian humanity at the moment.

If some of you are still in doubt about your votes, whether they are being taken or manipulated by the media and the field, please take a few minutes of your day to do a systemic hidden anchoring exercise that might help.

Put the necessary papers on the floor with the name on the back of the candidates of your doubt, in a hidden way. (may be more than 2).

Put a focus role, not hidden, representing the one that most allows the benign evolution of the Brazilian people.

Mix the roles by hiding the names so as not to let the mind induce you and, feel with your body going through each anchor paper, energy, your soul movements, temperature, feelings, images and connection with the focus in each place hidden.

Write down or mentally record the perceptions and then discover or undo the paper with the hidden name and draw your conclusions!

Good performance in your conscious and systemic choice, whatever. Respect among all!

So it is not a question of announcing anything, but of the opportunity to exercise our creative Adults as citizens in our differences of choices.

Good luck to all on Sunday!


Graciela Rozenthal