Meditation for the Planet

1. Harmonize: connecting with the magma of the Earth, connecting with the vibrations of the sky. Feeling the heart expand with each breath and bringing and connecting in the heart the 2 forces that belong to us as electromagnetic beings, beings of light.

2. Let your heart expand its waves. Raising your vibration in love for yourself, for every cell in your body, especially your lungs. Let the waves embrace each cell and tune in to your immune system. See “leukocytes” as soldiers of harmony, keeping your health pulsing in your blood and body. Thank these soldiers of your immune system for their effort to carry out their function.

Print these harmonious vibrations to your whole body, to every corner of your physical body and your energy bodies.

Breathe that harmony, the love that brings peace. The love that looks at the virus and includes in reality as a messenger to recognize.

What message does it bring us?

How much disharmony do our thoughts, emotions and attitudes still manifest?

We welcome the message with respect and speak internally, YES for what this moment wants to convey to us.

YES life as it presents itself.

We breathe in recognizing that we are where we need to be, living what we need to live.

And that YES expands us inside. This respect for the moment they go through elevates us. It elevates our dignity.

Letting it expand like waves of our heart, we touch this love to all beings around us, without isolation to loved ones at home and also to all those who receive through the connection of technology.

It focuses on a proposal in the waves of the heart, healing and transformation for everyone who finds no path. Especially those soldiers of health and service as our needs or touches.

And, deeply internalized in our internal silence, we lift with waves of our vibration, our recognition, gratitude and love. We expand our love for the neighborhood, a city where we live, for the country and for our planet with its kingdoms … for all those who at that moment need support and comfort.

And we will rise looking at the city, the country and the blue ball, which is Gaia !, our Earth!

We feel the deep love for our earthly home from space. We look at many others like us, focused on emanating waves of light. Format a field of these emanations that it covers on Earth as a fabric or network of light.

We all come together, vibrating love, forming a golden ring around the planet, crowning an Earth! Making a big luminous circle …

It is a gold wedding ring with unconditional love and universal harmony.

We feel this essence of creation in every atom of our being and in every cell of our body, especially in our lungs.

We breathe and instantly our being, leaving this field created with this golden crown of the alliance with universal love surrounding a Gaia. And we are going to return to this continent, country and to this city, in this neighborhood, in our home and leaving this high vibration in this passage.

It’s done.



Graciela Rozenthal