Meditation to increase your vibration and improve the Immune System

Put yourself in a meditation posture.

You can sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor, your spine more relaxed, your chin slightly forward, more aligned and vertical.

Choose a quiet place without external interruptions.

Be still and focus on your breathing.

Connect through the soles of the feet with the earth, and breathe in letting your feet feel that connection with the earth’s magma.

Also, at the other end, at the top of your head, connect with the vibrations that come from the Universal Energy Field, the CEU.

Visualize a cylinder of white electric light that joins these two extremes (top of head and feet) and embraces your physical spine.

This column of light is the axis of your energy field. Breathe deeply and in a relaxed way, without forcing, feeling this cylinder, sphere of light descending connecting with the magma of the earth and ascending connecting with the top of the head.

In the center of this cylinder of light, at the height of your chest is your heart, with each breath feel your heart expanding, bringing and connecting with these two forces that nourish your Being: the magnetic and the electric force, and let your heart expand … and you feel waves coming out of him, waves that you don’t see but that connect with everything.

These waves get longer and longer, as we increase our vibration!

The first vibration is an objective acceptance of being here in this moment, here and now!

The vibration of accepting the present moment, leads us to welcome ourselves, and to move towards ourselves with the possibility of so many internal resources to elevate this moment of crisis.

Vibrating in the frequency of self-love is of great help.

Vibrate in every cell of my body, in every empty space, between cells and focusing my lungs on that love …

Let these waves of your heart embrace each cell, tune in with each one and above all with your immune system.

See these leukocytes as if they were soldiers of harmony, of healing keeping this harmony pulsing in your blood and in your body taking care of all the systems, thank these soldiers for their effort to carry out their function of defending your body. Print these vibrations of love to your whole body: physical and energetic!

Keep breathing deeply and feel an image print on this vibration of love: the image of a child’s smile. Feel that vibration pulsing throughout your physical body.

That smile that unites and brings peace … and let that smile expand beyond your physical field and your energetic body, that these vibrations reach your emotional body, emotional field …. Breathing deeply in this smile expanding to your mental field … and beyond … let this pulse be a single pulse a big smile in all your Being.

Allow yourself to sustain this vibration by breathing and feeling deeply connected, bringing that smile through your feet on the earth allowing it to permeate itself on the earth, as if several smiles that touch the earth and the kingdoms that inhabit it could bloom on the earth.

Let that smile also expand from your heart to the top of your head and be like an electric source that attracts vibrating fields of love, of peace, of harmony, what is of life!


Take another deep breath … YES LIFE!

When you feel that energy; place your hand on your chest, right in that place of your heart, place of your individual conscience, who can make choices and who can choose to be in this vibration! And from this place, thank yourself, your immune system and all that is your desire to stay at a higher frequency and keep breathing for a minute or two.

When you’re done, slowly start going back to the here and now!

Namaste ¬¬_/\_


Graciela Rozenthal