Returning to the Constellations … The Life Force!

Why is this work so precious?

Bert Hellinger makes us see in this work the laws that govern human (family and organizational) systems: Pertinence, Hierarchy and Equilibrium. We find that the life force is received by the soul of those who are included in the system, if there is a pertinence, in a certain order, where each one occupies the place that corresponds to him and thus receives and gives this force. We are all immersed in the service of the Life Force!

The non-fulfillment of these laws, of love, as Bert calls them, produces “entanglements” suffered by the individuals of the system. In practical and manifest life, these entanglements appear as impediments to the life of emotional, professional fulfillment, physical and mental well-being, and impairments in various areas of life.

When someone consults for a complaint or suffering that can be considered systemic in nature, an underlying entanglement is motivating this suffering.

In the spontaneous movements of the attuned and resonant representatives with the field being worked, the causes of entanglement come to light, and resolution with the consequent restoration of laws and force is possible.

When the solution movement happens, all involved (representatives and constellation) feel a deep relief and the balance is restored in the system.


Graciela Rozenthal