The Incovernability of Brazil

Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger during the International Seminar on Family Constellations, which took place in Brasilia in 2016, spoke about the ungovernability of Brazil from the systemic point of view.

There is a people excluded, it is the original people of Brazil. However, if this people are not included and have their place recognized, the country will remain rootless, unruly.

The peoples of origin: the Indians, the blacks and the Portuguese; none of them had the respect they deserved. They were expelled, exploited and demerit.

In treating the roots, we will not consolidate a strong nation, though the earth is so abundant and benign.

From the systemic look, it is necessary to recognize and honor where we came from, to be able to go against the force of Life!

We can do this when we consciously choose who we will vote for, to truly represent us.

One suggestion is to look behind our chosen political representatives, in our internal image, behind their backs, to all these peoples who support their force of action.

Honor and place these ancestors in our hearts. And with great gratitude, for the gift of the country they helped to create.


Graciela Rozenthal