Florencia Rozenthal

She has been working in the Lumen Gaia Area since 2004 with child, juvenile and adult psychotherapy.

It uses methodologies such as: ludo and theater therapy, psychodrama, family constellations and body approach.

She participates and assists the work in workshops of Family Constellations, besides being instructor in the groups of young people together with Graciela Rozenthal.


  • Psychotherapist, graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP).
  • He attends private practice and teaches theater therapy work with children and special young people at the CIAM school.
  • He graduated from the DEP, School of Energetic Dynamics of Psychology.
  • Training in Family Constellations.
  • Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, São Paulo / SP, Brazil – A year of undergraduate degree in Pedagogy. (1998).
  • Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, São Paulo / SP, Brazil – Graduation in Psychology completed in December 2004.
  • Sedes Sapient, São Paulo / SP, Brazil Expansion Course in Reich, especially focused on children. (2005).
  • Extension Course in Expression and Communication with theater. (2005).
  • DEP, Energy dynamics of the psyche São Paulo, Brazil – Course equivalent to 4-year Master’s degree.
  • University of Barcelona – Barcelona, ​​Spain A year of undergraduate degree in psychology, making some credits with different subjects of PUC. (Family Theory
    Systemic, group dynamics and others). 08/01 to 08/02.
  • Formation in Family Constellations, São Paulo / SP, Brazil. Course made in Brazil with the German professor Lorenz. Completed in 2007.
  • Congress of Bioenergetics in 2000 – SalvadorBA.
  • Congress of Psychodrama in 2001 – Granada Spain.
  • International Congress of Pathwork in 2002 – Italy.
  • Family Constellation Workshop with Marianne Frantz and Joaquim Vieregge – Germany.
    Bioenergetics Workshop.
  • Workshops in psychodrama.
  • International Congress with Bert Hellinger in Family Constellations.