Individual Therapy

In a space-time contracted and shared between therapist and patient, it creates a setting of welcome, privacy, security and confidence.

In this field, it focuses behind the complaint of suffering, a direction in the transformation and healing of the one who asks for help.

“Technical resources” are used to promote the connection with the causes that produce the psychic suffering, in order to be released. Some of these resources have proved most effective within the biographical field and the individual unconscious. They are: guidelines with psychoanalytic methodology, bodywork, Pathwork, systemic genogram, systemic exercises, among others.

They are used in the practice of the individual clinic, instruments valid within Transpersonal Psychology like: Views, Meditation, Relaxation, Body Perception and Reiki Touch when necessary.

The patient’s suffering transcends his individuality and reflects on his relationships with life and with others.

More suitable instruments are those found within a systemic view. The patient, with his or her suffering within the original family system, in relationships with others or in professional life, looks at the system in which he suffers within a network of relationships.

Through this systemic view, solutions for individual individual suffering, which can surpass the biographical field of therapy, are revealed, are the “systemic traumas”.

They consist of tragic system ailments, which have consequences for offspring and whose treatment is only possible through appropriate tools, systemic exercises and or family constellation.

In this case, in the individual therapy of systemic approach the diagnosis is made with genogram, dolls, plates of anchorage or any object that represents the relations.

Individual therapy may require a family genogram construction session. Genogram is a genealogical map of systemic diagnosis, useful for work orientation.

The “transpersonal approach” is present every time the therapeutic work goes beyond the dimension of the individual and personal unconscious, as the Ego opens to the manifestation of the Self.

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