Organizational Constellation

The Systemic Organizatinal Constellations has as its main goal to diagnose the performance and health of the organization, making evident the origin of problems and the possible solutions.

This rich and innovative toll has been helping organizations around the world to resolve issues in a fast and efficient manner.

The changes in the behavior of individuals reaching for a solution do not resolve the conflict diagnosed by the consultants who are dealing with the consequences of problems without finding the origins that are beyond individual responsibility.

Consistent changes in institutions occur at systemic levels in the companies and not at the level of rapport among  the members of the business. The members are not fully aware that they are included in a system and controlled by its own  functional laws, which are of major importance to the balance and the existence of the system itself.

Through the tools of the Entrepreneurial Constellations, the Laws surface and reveal how the system actually works in less time and with fewer resources comparing to the analyses of problems normally used. The general patterns of relationships and the basic structures  that coordinate the dynamics of its functioning are looked at. The organizational setting is used to obtain relevant information in a short amount of time. The size of the system is not important.

Beside diagnostic clarity on problematic situations, a Constellation contains the key to reconciliation in situations of conflict, in relationships and in structural changes needed among partners, mergers between or among companies, mergers in family businesses and successors in the creation of new businesses.

This knowledge forms solid basis for decision making and changes to be implemented, as well as new goals to guide Organizations towards excellency in objectives to be achieved.

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