Supervision - Another Vision

It is the name that is usually given: the lack of the other. It has the sense of an “other vision”

The word “super” does not classify this space well. It is the time that therapists unite to present clinical cases in which they are having difficulties. These therapists are available to work for the interest of their patients and their own individual and professional growth.

It is a decision that is sustained with humility and courage to expose oneself and expose the work to another therapist who is considered more “experienced”.

In Supervision, whether individual or group, the therapist you lead performs the job and has a responsibility to help therapists look at their “blind spots” that prevent them from being effective helpers for their clients.

It is commonly called “countertransference” the reactions that the therapist encounters at certain times in his work, in which his patients unconsciously trigger “blind spots” in their therapists. In the supervisory space, these points and the countertransferences, or transfers of the therapists are worked out.

The supervisions are individual and group, with approaches in Psychoanalysis, Pathwork and Systemic Phenomenology.

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