Sistêmica do Coração

The systemic vision expands our possibilities of understanding Life and the network of relationships in which we are immersed and by which we are influenced.

Glimpsing helps us take our place in the world and fulfill our vital purpose.

Where we came from? Who we are? Where are we going?

These are the three persistent questions that our minds can not handle.

Being able to include systemic experience in our lives helps us to become aware of the power to respond, re-signify and / or transform the meaning of our Life.

The Heart, as concept, corresponds here to a level of choice on the part of this Consciousness. At this level, the foundation lies in the development of self-esteem, the first stage to be approached and conquered, and from which the other levels of love can be accessed (creative relationships, productive relationships with society, humanity and the All Universal).

Work Format

These are theoretical encounters and with constant experiential practices in groups of exercises (mostly systemic) aiming at the objectives and integration of the work described above. Group breaks that help develop creativity in our lives and relationships.

To whom it is directed

In the first phase the work is aimed at every individual who is looking for self-development and whose objective is to improve their relationship with themselves, their life partners and the network of relationships in all the systems in which they are inserted (family members and organizations ) and Life as a whole.

In the second phase the training aims to use this practice as a work resource for itself and for others, enabling it to become a multiplier of the Systemic Heart methodology.

Certified Course

The certification and training in “Sistêmica do Coração” – Systemic Constellations, unites the experience of 40 years of clinical practice and more than 14 years of experience with systemic practices, based on the method of Bert Hellinger, preparing you to act as a facilitator in Constellations Systemic.

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