Family Constellations

Family Constellations have brought great benefits to many families in the world and has expanded to Businesses and Corporations.

They affect at profound level  the family sub consciousness and organizational structures restoring the Life Force in the Work Field.

We are all part of the Human Field. Inside this, we all belong to a Family System. The lives of the members of a family are influenced by the Family Field today and also by the ones formed by the preceding generations.

The members are influence by the same Family Soul in a  profoundly subconscious level. When the system does not follow the Rule of Love, its members remain tangled with implications in their lives.

This situation goes on from generation to generation, The Constellations  are a great help because they show where there is rupture and lack of harmony in the system. The Order isnot respected when there are situations of exclusion, tragedies, interruption of love flow among parents and children. These phenomena were observed by therapist Bert Hellinger, and a systematic methodology was idealized and implemented. This therapeutic tool called Constellations reveals the tangles and possible solutions for the Family Soul to heal.

The work is conducted in groups. The Constellation Therapist ,along with representatives, is searching for a solution to reestablish the flow of life in the Familiar Soul. This way, the therapist is guided by profound movements that emerge during the process. This process was idealized by Bert Hellinger and has been transmitted in many countries of the world and in Brazil since 1999.

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