Art of Relating

Thematic Systemic Meeting

The attitude of relating to me and my choices are determining my life.

This attitude in our plane of human consciousness is dual. We relate positively, when we tend to unite, to connect, or in a negative way, tending to disengage or not connect.

The first acceptance needed to guide us in life, to make choices that allow us greater fulfillment is self love. From a proper self-esteem we can make choices that lead us to a greater fullness and can only be generated from self-knowledge. It comes from the inside out. This is our First Love Circle, as Bert Hellinger calls it, which then allows for expansion into relationships in general. First to those who are close (our family of origin) then to our life partners, to broader groups, to reach Humanity as a Whole and also including all created realms.

In this thematic meeting we use systemic exercises.

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