Pathwork - Self-Knowledge

Pathwork is a path of self-knowledge that focuses on the opening and integration of the Ego with the essential Self or core of Being. It is a path in which we orient ourselves to realizing truth (that which IS) and love (that which integrates and unites).

It consists of 258 lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos during the mid-1950s and the 1960s and 1970s on the nature of psychological and spiritual reality and the process of personal transformation.

Weekly Groups – Pathwork Methodology

There is a group work for those who awaken to this quest, looking for a greater expansion of consciousness in life. Each member of the group functions as a “mirror” and “enhancer” of the transformation to others. Each time someone is worked on, the “resonance” in the group allows one to work on each. The group work leads to further internal expansion confirmed by the collective witness.

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