Meditation in honor of our mother and life!

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and go to that intimate space with yourself.

Feel your body, breathe and register the connection with your heart in your breath.

Breathe deeply keeping in that position, relaxing connected to the floor, connected to your inner axis, in the present here and now.

Intuit and visualize your mother in front of you. Let the visualization happen. It may be the mother of childhood, of adolescence, the mother who appears in front of you.

Look at her, and at all the images that you have formed, feeling deeply the connection, with your feelings and sensations in the body.

All of these images can be dual, creative and also negative. Feel the record of these experiences and welcome.

This mother who gave her life, which in childhood could mean so much, and which in her adolescence could also be rejected.

Visualize and simply record. Don’t stick to that.

It is necessary to take distance. All of these images are accompanied by thoughts and feelings.

What are the effects of these images on our soul? How do we see our mother, how do we love our mother? Or how do we wean it?

And how do we love life? There is a direct connection between our primary bond, the matrix through which we receive Life. In the bond with our mother, who is the source of life, we receive the Life Force!

How does life come to us? How do we love life? How do we look at life? What do we do with our life? Are we successful in our life? We could nourish ourselves from this source of life through bonding with our mother.

Now behind our mother we see other women donors of Life !. Behind her, our grandmothers, also our grandfathers, the men who allowed these women to give Life!

And behind them the great-grandparents, and thus an infinite lineage of transmission, of Life. All at the service of Life within us!

Feel that strength coming through your mother. I ask you to try to take the pictures taken in relation to your mother’s personality.

All of these images are partial, no image is 100% true, thus respecting our mother’s duality as we respect the duality in us.

We took what she brought us as a gift: LIFE!

And, through this Life we ​​become rich, or poor according to what we believe.

And, now we look at our mother, through the gift we received from her, we take that life completely, and we look into the eyes of this mother feeling that she takes Life, free from the old images.

We say with all our heart: THANK YOU mom, I take your life, just like you gave me, considering all that it cost you, and what it costs me, and I commit myself to doing something good and prosperous with this gift , that you give me.

Feel that by being able to have that gratitude in truth and with an open heart, you let that strength inside you grow, that fire inside you, recognizing your human mother.

This mother, who so often despite your mistakes, generated you, supported, nourished, sheltered …

At the same time, that you take what was good in your life, you also take what was difficult. With all this he looks at his mother, and all the women behind her, including them in his heart, in the way that it was possible they transmitted her Life! And in this YES, Life, feeling grateful, you take another step, envisioning the possibility of taking all that is destined and entitled to you!

And finally, we say: PLEASE, the Life Force!

Take a deep breath to integrate it within you, feel that you are sustaining this Force that you receive …

Imaginarily rotate, leave these women in your generational line behind you, and look at your future, your life, from your present, here and now, taking the best of it … breathe and integrate.



Graciela Rozenthal