Why do we seek Constellation?

We seek to Constellate to resolve issues in our lives that resist change through conventional clinical treatments, such as: psychological therapies, psychoanalysis, and all methods that focus on the singular individual.

We look for feelings that lead us to realize if we are subject to a schedule of unhappiness and death, the same as those that our family ancestors passed repeatedly: repetitive diseases, suicides, recurring accidents, tragedies, etc.

We look for the moment that makes sense, to notice that someone we know solved a problem that in his life seemed irresolvable, or that although this problem is not solved, there is another way to relate to him.

The constellation is seldom sought by simple fad or curiosity, but usually when this happens the person’s inner system or his own family system does not provide the necessary force in the field for the constellation to develop. For a constellator tuned to the field this is evident. In this case, the best intervention is not constellar.

There are many themes that can be presented to constellate, but the field reveals to us what lies behind the essential to be seen, recognized and liberated, and thus completed.


Graciela Rozenthal