Women’s Day: a systemic look!

Every time I celebrate the day of the woman, I celebrate in me and my sisters women the feminine principle that we carry in our body.

This principle is the generator and nourisher of life that pervades the universe in every manifestation, from a tiny cell to the creation of a galaxy.

Every time I celebrate women’s day I also celebrate the masculine principle that sows, gestates, directs and focuses on the perpetuation of life for the feminine to be able to nurture and nourish.

Both are one act of life copula. Life Perpetuers !

Both are in us and in men, life partners (Freud looked at bi-sexuality as intrinsic to our psyche).

When I honor in myself and in my sisters of gender the woman, I honor in men also his feminine. We are all included.

When men have their principles within themselves balanced, the feminine of them appears in the collaboration and gestation and care, not only of the children, but in the many creations that we have together in life to two, or in professional and collective life.

A systemic look makes us overcome the differences, as Bert Hellinger said, to be able to love the second sight, to love the different.

On the day of the woman I celebrate the gender partners, the feminine principle in us and in our fellow men, who serve for our woman to flourish! One, could not exist without the other.

Thank you also to these men for making us women … generators of Life!


Graciela Rozenthal