Abundance and Money!

Monetary energy, money, resonates with life. We can see this phenomenon clearly in the Constellations.

Being in resonance means that two energies of the same frequency are attuned to each other. Once tuned, they attract and connect.

Therefore, when we attune to Life and its strength we feel prosperous and strong and we can attract prosperity and abundance.

Abundance does not mean having money. An abundant life is not necessarily a life of material riches.

Abundance means having and being, feeling fully in our lives.

While it is necessary to have enough so that there is no concern for material survival, an abundant life is characterized by having needs met. Everyone has this experience in our memories. So it was in the mother’s womb and with our mother’s womb.

If we could keep this memory and the sense of abundance of life in our lives as inscription and belief, we would resonate with abundance and consequently our material life would be satisfactory.


But how to attract this fullness into our lives?

What would reinscribe to attune the abundance in our lives and with it, the monetary energy that is needed?

What is the solution that Bert Hellinger signals to us?

It is about taking the mother, he teaches us.


What does that mean?

Taking the mother is not a simple mental proposition or ritual gesture.

To take the mother is a deep inner journey, since it is our first and vital relationship.

It is the relationship where everything began relationship from which we receive life literally. It is the relationship through which we secure our lives at the very beginning of existence.

Taking mother and life is interconnected acts. One implies the other.

And abundance and money respond to this “take.”


What does it take to take life, to take the mother?

  1. Let go of limiting beliefs about life, which impoverish us.
  2. Give up our aspirations for perfection.
  3. Accept the humanity of the woman who begot us.
  4. To reconnect with the feeling of receiving abundance and maternal care, is to reconnect with the possible love with our mother.
  5. Receive the gift of life by feeling small.
  6. To feel real gratitude in the heart for everything we receive from it.


How do we do it?

Going through this journey with instruments, systemic exercises and meditation, allow us to change our choices of ruptures with our bond to Life and the generator of our Life.

Gradually, and with true gratitude, our vibrational frequency changes, and by resonance we attract all that is necessary.

The universe and life respond with their YES to our focus. Wherever our conscience is, we shape our lives.

We are born of the right to an abundant and prosperous life. We take what is rightfully ours. It’s already been given!


Graciela Rozenthal