Atonement and Guilt

Some damage done; such as murder, abortion or homicide for lack of care, sexual abuse; which bring the burden of guilt to the level of dual consciousness (guilty-innocent-aggressor-victim), needs to be repaired.

There is a compulsive movement in the system, of someone (usually descendants) having to pay for unrecognized guilt. Have to atone in a mechanism of regulation of the system.

And the pay is to do harm to yourself, as much as it does harm to some other!

This movement annihilates Life and leads to death!

This movement of blind Consciousness of the dual Ego, which projects guilt and wishes to return to innocence, is opposed to the movement of the Spirit.

Someone (may be some ancestor) wants to be innocent again. And to PERTEN need to atone.

All dogmatic religions, be they versions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, … isms), move within the field of guilt-atonement and need for innocence. You pay a high price: the sacrifice of LIFE in a future, through the descendants!

Good conscience projects out evil, and so commits atrocities and goes against the movement of the Spirit, against LIFE!

What’s the solution? Look at guilt in the eyes and say YES to its consequences, without atonement and with self-responsibility for the wrong done.

The liberation movement happens and peace setstles in the family system. Perpetrators and victims assume their responsibilities and their pains are the same in reconciling the opposites they represent.


Graciela Rozenthal