Mother’s Day

Motherhood is the greatest sacred act of life. It is considered that the sacred here is what responds to the universal laws. To give birth to a life, is to literally bring the “mater”, matter, a soul. And to this soul who has done the delicate service of offering her body to the encounter of light in matter, we call MOTHER.

It may be that this mother accompanies us all her life, or a good part of her, helping us to model the experience in Gaia, who is also a great mother who welcomes us …

It may be that she departed very early, temporarily leaving her role of formator, and we cast our lives at the guidance of other psychic mothers.

He may have given us the care of others because he could not keep up with us and other “heart” mothers welcomed us.

Whatever the destiny or the experience traced, the service of giving birth, of offering your life to make possible our physical life, it is this soul to whom we owe most and we must honor for your service. And we can only repay our debt by doing something good with our lives!

On Mother’s Day we celebrate not only our human life with an imperfect human being, but also with all the grandmothers who resonate through it and who made possible the perpetuation of life; we celebrate receiving this Life in us!

Wherever you are, my mother and grandmother, my female lineage, receive my deep gratitude and the certainty that in your honor I will do something very good with my life and I will pass on the strength of this love that I received and allowed me to nurse.

Happy day to all of us, mothers and children for the service of Life!


Graciela Rozenthal