Superficial movement does not allow the soul to move!

Commonly in our society so dedicated in doing, in manifest acts, in being proactive, we confuse the movement of Life with the superficial movements of our illusive Ego.

We walk through life as we robotic in the haste of doing. What animals running behind the tail, we confuse that we are moving, living our alienating experiences, doing … doing … non-stop. Where are we going? What do we run? What do we want to prove? and to whom?

When we need to make a stop, because Life is in charge of making us stop some day, we are faced with a depression or the disease that puts us to the limit. At that moment, we feel that we have lost precious time, of what? Of just being what we need to be.

We find that we have lost the capacity of wonder that we had as a child, of feeling, of emptying all thoughts, images and concepts to contact something in its deeper reality. If we do not do this inner silence it is very difficult to contact that within us something moves and creates an internal movement. This movement when contacted has the effect of calming us down. It is the movement of our soul, as a deeper reality that brings out our BEING.

Unfortunate is the situation that our illusive Ego, as a second nature within us, created with its endless concepts about reality that distance us from our being, from the perception of true achievement. And so, we turn anxious and depressed, with our soul contracted.

Let us live, relating to ourselves, to others and to nature, without touching the essentials! Before nature, for example: a flower … we no longer feel its perfume, its opening of petal-wings, its vibration, its color. We only see the utility of the flower, without truly perceiving the essence of the flower.

And where does the movement of our Soul go, what is its destiny? Life. And where does she go? To include more and more, embrace, expand, recognize in the Whole of Being.
This movement, repeating to Bert Hellinger, is slow, deep and causes PEACE and inner fulfillment.

Our souls contracted within a defended and illusive Ego, barred from making the movement of life, literally become depressed by remaining trapped and static. And this impeded movement manifests itself on the surface as a caricature, anxious movement that leads nowhere. Just running behind the tail. It’s so simple, just go, that tail is coming.

Thousand examples have in the everyday of our lives in relation to these two movements. It serves as inspiration for a film that talks about this awakening in a man, from a life on the surface of the Ego to a Real Life: Seven years in Tibet.


Graciela Rozenthal