The “Primitive consciousness”

“Primitive consciousness” is dual: perpetuator-victim; guilty-innocent; bad conscience x good conscience. And so, our world of wars is perpetuated with the revenge of the victims who thus become perpetuators. And this process repeating itself to infinity. Guilt and atonement, deadly games of archaic consciousness.

Compensation in systems is automatic. Regulates balance, homeostasis.

When a system damage is not balanced, the perpetrator leaves pending to assume guilt, to hold and / or to victimize the will of revenge.

Thus, the offspring carry this guilt, this revenge, in some cases both (schizophrenia-autism).

In systemic work, which is directed to oneness and life, perpetrator and victim must recognize themselves.

The victim compensates for harm without entering into the “good conscience” of revenge or superiority with contempt for the perpetrator. It is allowed to be less bad, with less revenge. And in the end, he accepts fate and unlocks his hateful connection for the damage he has received.

The perpetrator compensates by taking over and repairing the damage done in return for the atonement of guilt.

Out of the archaic consciousness, the offspring are freed from the mortal tangle, and go to Life !.


Graciela Rozenthal